Wednesday, February 18, 2009

INfamous 6ixx A&R Spotlight Series- D.E.S.L.O.C. P.I.C.C.A.L.O.

Already with a major underground fan base that is buzzing off his self branded genre of music called (Stick Music/Vibin Music) with anthems to match like "Stick and Roll" & "Vib-n". This Miami based artist who is signed to SRC/UNIVERSAL, is back with his new single "Sticken Again", which should do nothing but continue to get the word out that its okay to have fun in your music and make the people feel good. D.E.S.L.O.C. P.I.C.C.A.L.O., is a breathe of fresh air and is much needed in this narrow-minded lane that we the people and the media deemed to be hip-hop music. I am a big fan of his music and will continue to show support because when you can show the kids its more ways to make music and a living, to me thats the power in music.
So get familar with D.E.S.L.O.C. P.I.C.C.A.L.O. his music will be "Sticken" with us for a long time to come.
-INfamous 6ixx

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