Monday, February 16, 2009

Poet Spotlight-Afrodisiac "Speechless"


I remember when we first met. In a jazz club. I sipped on a cappacino, you sipped on coffee;
which at the time was an inadvertant statement of your character:STRONG AND BLACK.
My mind was intertwined in the mellifluous sounds of the trumpet and the clang-clang and boom-boom of the drums.
I was taking a musical sabbatical, listening as the saxophone seduced the crowd with it`s brash smoothness.
Then my eyes met yours and my melodious high came crashing down and I went into instantaneous withdrawal.

I became speechless.

You came over and introduced yourself and right away I baptized you in the waters of my soul and renamed you"Significant"
You asked could you sit down and I willingly obliged.
You begin to talk but all I heard was music.
Your soul was singing songs of past mistakes, regrets, joys, plans for tomorrow and plans for today.
My head bobbed to the rythmn of your heartbeat. All you saw was a woman enraptured in the music; in tune with the soulful melody that flooded the background.
I was in tune with you

I was speechless

You asked me to dance and I nodded "Yes"
As you held me in your arms I took in Heaven`s scent.
The Sun`s kiss still lingered on your skin and the Wind`s embrace still surrounded you.
You laughed at the way I danced.
Thinking me offbeat.
Never understanding I was dancing to the rythmn of your heart, not the music.

I didn`t try to explain I was speechless

You escorted me back to my seat and looked at your watch.
I looked at mine too.
Only I saw my life passing me by And you saw it was getting late.
You asked me for my number.
I mumbled something about not knowing you well enough.knowing in my heart that was a lie, because at this moment I knew you better than myself.
You just smiled, and laughed.
Saying that you hoped you saw me again sometime soon.
I smiled back, pondering the sincerity of your words.
As you walked out the door, your soul`s song dimmed.
Your heart`s rythmn became slowly indiscernible.
I strained my neck to hear over the melody in the background.I am, once again, confronted with the smoothness of music.
other now gone....

I sitSpeechless


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George said...

Interesting posts you have here ... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often.
from Afrodisiac.