Monday, March 23, 2009

INfamous 6ixx A&R Spotlight- Ruthless Records New Artists: Stevie Stone & Na Shay

Stevie Stone
Stone’s album is complete with smart and witty lyricism, neologisms known as “Himmi Hyme” come from Stone’s “Himmihyminary” (a dictionary of self-created lingo), bumping baselines, and an uncanny yet appealing sound that just cannot be pigeonholed. From the title track and certified arrival anthem that boasts of impacting vocals over sparse yet percolating percussion to the dance-inciting, hard hitting, and hypnotizing melodic arrangement of “Rap Gamez Callin’,” Stone shows his dues debt has paid off. His first album and he’s already locked down collaborations with Murphy Lee on “Gotta Love G’s,” the St. Louis anthem with the contagious chorus, Tech9 on the head bobbing banger “Midwest Explosion,” and the iconic funk doctor George Clinton on the Stone’s remake of “Red Wine.” “That was a blessing,” Stone declares. “I did the joint (“Red Wine”) and the chief engineer on the song was able to get it to George Clinton. George thought it was hot and offered to jump on it. We sent him the track and he sent us the finished files back. I believe he was in Moscow when we got the track back.” Now that’s a feat even the most talented of established artists would have a hard time accomplishing. ‘Nuff said? Just throw a cape on this man’s back because with the release of New Kid Comin’, Stevie Stone solidifies his spot as more than just a savior to hip-hop, he’s a certified superstar.


“The beauty of my songs is that they’re not just to dance to, they have meaning behind them,” Na’Shay describes her work. A collection of ballads, mid tempo harmonies, and a few up tempo dance records, R U Ready is an undisputed breath of fresh air in the face of R&B music. One of the lead singles, “The First” speaks so eloquently to a young lady’s position on when and when not to call a potential paramour over a signature, sensual, sexy groove found throughout the album. Similarly, the duet “My Mama Ain’t Home,” which Na’Shay co-wrote, follows in the instrumental tradition of classic R&B songs, invoking a soft yet strong emotional vibe. The title track, “R U Ready”, which Na’Shay hails as one of her favorite records, takes the tempo up a notch with an 8-0-8 percussion drum beat riding under the singer’s effervescent yet soothing and gentle vocals. It’s songs like the aforementioned works of art that aptly define Na’Shay’s place, a position of longevity and abundance, in music. A necessary newness, there’s only one answer to Na’Shay’s R U Ready… Affirmative.

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