Tuesday, February 28, 2012

INfamous 6ixx A&R Placement Opportunity Alert From @senatorSkid: Song placement opportunity deadline tomorrow@senatorSkid Song placement oppurtunity deadline tomorrow


Song placement opportunity deadline tomorrow

Looking for “summer vibe song” type Dance Pop songs for a Commercial Ad. Male or Female - voice is ok. Must be uptempo.

It needs to give a good feeling…..chorus hook should be catchy. Lyrics should deal with fun, summer, bursting, loving life. Should not be written too specific, but more general.
Meaning not too personal. This is for full songs, not for instrumentals.

Since this is a ‘major’ placement it is important to be exact with this submission. Only send your best 3 SONG mp3s. This, as with ALL submissions, needs to be an easy, no headache, 1000% clearance. For every submission I need the P.R.O. Information (ascap,bmi,sesac), IPI/CAE# number of each songwriter/producer involved, lyrics and instrumental. If you submit late or without everything mentioned, the music will not be submitted.

Budget: $25,000
Deadline: Wednesday 2/29 5pm EST

Send to
[E] 21gramsilly@gmail.com


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