Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adaeze Rapid Eye Movement:an Experiment

RAPID EYE MOVEMENT: Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM sleep) is the stage during sleep, when one dreams. Adaeze, also referred to as “Dae” adopted the term “DaeDream”, which is much more than a cute play on words. It is a philosophy that dictates that at no point in your waking life, should you not be dreaming. From this philosophy came the term “SleepWalk”, which Adaezes uses to encapsulate the idea of walking in your dreams. Her blog daedreamsleepwalk.tumblr.com was titled after these concepts. For the artist’s debut project, this title is more than appropriate! She’s in that phase in her career where she is developing her dreams. REM. AN EXPERIMENT: Have you ever been in a computer program that you were new to and thought, “What does this do? What happens if I click this?”? This project was approached with a what-happens-if-I-do-this mentality. What happens if I say the truth about myself as raw as I can manage? What happens if I mix Spoken Word with Rap with Fling with Singing? “Dae Dream” What happens if I write to this kind of instrumental? “Might As Well Fall In” What happens if I rap for 5 minutes without a hook? Will people make it to the 3rd minute? “Dae Dream” , “Never” What happens if you record your practice run…and leave it as the final product, errors included? “FYI” How will I be received? Should I quit rapping? This project was allowed to care what other people might think. It just jumped.

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