Thursday, March 22, 2012

INfamous 6ixx #ISDP Event Alert: D'aisha Porter

She is in a battle for her life... and in years often marked by growing pains and peer pressure, these middle school students are standing side by side with D'Aisha Porter.  At Mebane Middle School in Alachua everyone is united toward a common goal.


Students said, "Everybody throw them diamonds up... throw em up!"


This special seventh grader has inspired a movement at the school called Porter's Pink Passion Day.


7th grade student Morgan Fox said, "Friday is gonna be a lot of pink."

D'Aisha Porter has battled Clear Cell Sarcoma since 2009.  She said, "It's a rare type of cancer and there's really no cure for it."

15 surgeries and several rounds of chemo and radiation haven't stopped the cancer from spreading through the 13 year old's body.  But she and her family hope a new treatment outside the US will make a difference.


A treatment that D'Aisha's classmates plan to pay for.


7th Grade Student Chandler Patterson said, "This bracelet, it only costs a dollar, but a lot of people be spending like 10 to 20 dollars on them to buy more."

These pink bracelets are on almost every arm at the school.  Fox said, "ISDP means I support D'Aisha Porter and then the diamonds up is cause everybody thinks she's a diamond cause she's so beautiful and her smile sparkles."

On Friday, March 23rd at 10:45 the cafeteria will be the sight of a rally for D'Aisha and her parents.   It will involve the school and community to raise money and support for D'Aisha.  All the students will wear pink and white in her honor.


With only a 45 to 60 percent chance of survival her condition is dire.  But as D'Aisha goes to school and spends time with friends you'd never know it.


Porter said, "I have to keep the faith."


An incredible attitude that inspires all who meet her.


Science Teacher and Student Government Sponsor Alisha Williams said, "It's contagious, when you see her... no matter what you know what she's going through, she's smiling."

And D'Aisha Porter will brave the next step with that ever present smile.


The rally is this Friday at AL Mebane Middle School in Alachua at 10:45.


Members of the community may participate by:

*Sending encouraging words and kind thoughts to D'Aisha Porter at P.O. Box 913 Alachua, FL 32615

*Forwarding donations to the following account: Capital City Bank (Acct # 9611870820)

*Attending "Zumba for D'Aisha" at Santa Fe College on March 31st from 9:00-11:00 AM at the college gymnasium.  The fee to enroll is $10 per participant.  All proceeds will assist D'Aisha in paying for medical treatment and travel expenses.  For more information contact Mr. John Cowart at (352) 395-5955 or 395-7086.


To learn more about Clear Cell Sarcoma and possible treatments visit

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