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Little girls want to be reality stars?!  The only female rapper in the mainstream is a Black woman that calls herself "Barbie"! And many of the most talented women in the industry have become egomaniacs!  According to tv/web personality, recording artist, & actress Amanda Seales, we've witnessed the Death of the Diva.

In her latest project, a hilarious musically infused one-woman show, Amanda morphs in and out of a multitude of characters using narrative, comedy, rhyme and song to tell her theory of what caused the destruction of the mainstream media image of the iconic powerful woman and the women it will/has affect(ed).  Exploring the influence of imagery, she seeks to assign accountability to the lack of female images in the mainstream, and raise awareness on the repercussions that has had and will have on women.  Accompanied by a three-piece band, and video imagery, the show is dynamic and interactive compelling audiences to laugh, empathize, and nod their heads to the original musical numbers integrated throughout.  Its theatrical commentary on the image based society women are still defining their identities in, makes Death of the Diva a riveting piece as unique as its subject is universal.  

Who is this show for?

We hope to take this show to schools, colleges, universities, theaters, we'll even put it up in a barn!  Fact is we want as many people to see this show as possible because its message speaks to everyone.  Young women are especially who we hope to have the opportunity to see this show about powerful images and the lack there of.  In this current world of super celebrity, reality tv, and pop everything the distinction between what's real and not real can become hazy. In Death of the Diva we keep it real and keep it funny! 


What We Need & What You Get

We need $4500 minimum in order to get this play up and on its feet.  Money will be going to rental space of the theater, promotional materials, paying for the band and band rehearsal space, rental of musical equipment, costumes, and of course to put a little something in the hands of the artisans who have come together to bring this message to life!  Below you will see the list of contribution options and the dope perks that come along with each.  Here in the grass roots we get to be honest and true artists but it is your funding and support that makes it possible for our vision to grow to fruition!  :)

Other Ways You Can Help

Hey, these are tough times.  We totally get it!  But all is not lost!  You can still be of a great help by spreading the word via twitter, fb, tumblr, email etc!  The oldest and best form of promotion is word of mouth!  So we urge to shout it from the internet (and hey, if you're willing, literal) roof tops "I know about this awesome play and they need help from us to share the awesomeness!"  Folks will definitely listen!

Meet MC Checkahoe another character from "Death of the Diva" 

Meet Sh'aandreekah Jones, one of the characters from "Death of the Diva" 
"Why do women look so silly on reality tv?"
The "behind the scenes" for the show is an episode of Amanda's awesome Creative Controls show Technicolor Lover: 

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