Tuesday, April 3, 2012

INfamous 6ixx New Mixtape Alert: Alexander The Great * @iamthatgreat #INfamous6ixxCoSign


The expression of hip hop meets the journey of soulful sound and self discovery. As 

ATG drops his third mixtape/album, he’s reached a point of understanding of what music truly means to him. Inspirations behind the project range from Beethoven to Eminem to The Roots all the way down to Nujabes and Flying Lotus. This project is what he calls "The rebirth of self and what inspired me to make music in my earlier days; true hip hop." True hip hop, where dope beats, sick flows and a message all find themselves on the same track. ATG did something that isn’t common with artists today; he got in touch with the music and stayed true to himself. He understands that he may lose some fans but making music closer to his heart means more than losing himself in such an industry. This project is like nothing you’ve heard in awhile; it’s real music. He let the music speak to him, so now let him speak to you. Abduction.

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