Monday, September 24, 2012

INfamous 6ixx Event Alert: #OCTOBERFEST sponsored by Crescendo Sound Studios * Saturday, 10.13.12


#OctoberFest is Gainesville's "Woodstock" type event featuring musicians from all over the N. Central Florida region . (FREE) to the public

Jonathan"Frothy Main" Banks the producer of #OctoberFest 
is inviting everyone to his 

family's park in Monteocha for this event in the outskirts of the city to accommodate a massive crowd and showcase 38 musicians in front of an estimated three thousand music lovers in a controlled + safe environment that's absolutely FREE to the public.

"I think this will show we support each other , this is an opportunity to bridge that gap and to open a major platform for the unique sound that every musician has to offer. Overall shedding more light on Gainesville as a strong unified entity." - Jonathan Banks 

If your company is interested in being a vendor or having a booth for this event the fee is $25.00+ (Fees based on vendor type)

For more information:
Crescendo Sound Studios 
2106 NW 67th Place Suite #6 
Gainesville , FL 32653


|Performances by|
1. Bella 
2. Haylee Slaughter
3. Pimpin Doe 
4. DaVillion
5. Alonzo "AJ"
6.Krunk Gospel Entertainment
7.Ian of "The Kreux"
8. Snip G 
9. D.O.N 
10.Bin Lomax 
11.Pretti Tonhi
12."Bandz" V.Hope & E.Money 
13.B. Dubb & Judah
14. Realest Movement
15.Africa 2000 
16. Jaunee Be 
17. Steelo I.B. 
18. Eche B 
19. A.T Made The Beat
20. Tha Mr.
21. John Q & KB Da Boss of AMH 
22. Mike Swift
23. Acapella 
24. Country Boi 
25. Hollywood On Shine
26. J.Pity
27. Yung Kodak
28. Solja Million 
29 .Lil Po 
30. Pinemount Kings 
32.Dough Boi
34. Big Uly 
35. BlastfoME
36. Maintain
37. K.J
38. Nuk Grissle

Special Guest Dj's:
Dj Island Boi
Dj Terrah Of Magic 101.3
Dj Styles
DJ Jody Spinzz
DJ J-Mya Of Magic 101.3
DJ Klarc Shepard 
Dj B.Bop Brown/ B.R.E Boys
Way_Maka Dj's 
Dj M&M Shay - Jam Rite Dj's 

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