Wednesday, September 12, 2012

INfamous 6ixx INspirational Blog Post Alert: "Money, Money, Money" by @AdaezeLyrics #DaeDream


Money, money, money!

I’m learning to think about money and wealth very differently.

Money isn’t evil.

People’s use of it is.

I want to be wealthy.

I want a nice home, a car that won’t need fixing every other minute, clothes that aren’t washed out or torn, and to be able to buy all the food I need to eat well.

I want to be able to help my family and friends financially.

I want to be able to invest in people.

I want to travel.

At one point, my desire for these things was unnerving. I thought maybe I was becoming materialistic and caught up. 

No. I was just scared.

I was scared to have all the things I’ve never had.

Scared of the responsibility that comes with wealth.

I’m not scared anymore.

“More money, more problems”?? More money, different problems. And if you put your faith in God, no problem is really a problem. 

I think we were brainwashed to look down on rich people. Ironic huh? People don’t OD and divorce and become materialistic and spiral out of control because they’re rich. All of that happens because they’re empty, for whatever reason. Poor people do the same things!

We were meant to live abundantly…first in our souls, then our bodies and relationships and then everything else.

Money isn’t evil. 

People’s use of it is. 

When I begin to idolize money, that’s a problem, but for now I think I finally understand that money CAN bring you happiness…and there’s nothing wrong in that statement.

Financial security, Good health, Being able to travel and see this beautiful world, being able to give to others without worry and go to the movies when I want …ye…that’ll bring me a lot of happiness.

My joy will forever be in God.





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